subway station, #2

i posted this a coupla days ago when i just started and heres what i had time to work on so far.

any 1 give me advice on what to add/remove/change and if someone knows where i could get apropriate textures for this please provide a link

hard critisism is welcome


I don’t get what those quad shapes on the left side are. They’re lined up against the left wall. What are those round shapes with the same quad shape on them? EDIT: Are the spheres lights? The weird quad shape is what threw me off.

the spheres are lights that i designed by i didnt take into consideration that they arent going to be eluminated from the sides to show the detail, so now in the dark they looks very weird and ill have to remake them…

the shapes on the left side along the wall i asume you mean the upsidedown arcs, those are going to lead upwords with designs and comercials upwords towords the cealing which cannot be viewd at the moment, its a dome

i made the blend file available for download by anyone who wishes to look at it


the lights themselves arent being illuminated because the lighting doesnt go through the object they are hidden behind.

i dont know what they are, but the cylinder thingys that are next to the staris need to be smoothed. same with the lamps

the weird line/curve thats coming out of the lamp is from that extra line that you have coming out of the top. in the blend it looks like your meaning that to be what the lamp is hanging from. lines and verts without faces in a mesh will not be rendered, only polys, so your just making it look messy.

If you take of rey env and shadow in the render buttons it renders at a quater of the speed and you can’t see any difference in the image

To illuminate it a bit better, you could do something like this:

That should throw light up along the side.

EDIT: the station should have a curved roof, like a giant arch. An arch is stronger than just a box.

well this is my first project so im not surprised to get those comments, but i thought id get a lot more

ill start working on it as soon as i get the time, couze i only do blender on my free time off work

also the advice that u gave me Jedi Dawn about the render options doesnt wok, it slows down the render speed instead of speeding it up