subway station , radiosity test

hi all,

cuz i did several “poor” indoor scenes now and im a TOTAL NOOB on this , some guy told me i should try my lightning setups with radiosity instead of normal lamps. so i need to learn and i tried it, thats my result so far:

The image is too dark. Brighten it up a bit!

I personally would NOT recommend using Radiosity, at least not until you’ve learned about the other lights. Looking at your image gallery, I don’t think the lighting setups are necessarily bad, they just could use a little work.

“Normal” lamps can produce very good results, if you use them correctly. Have a look at the lighting section of the blender manual (If you haven’t already) to get some tips for good lighting with blender’s internal lamps:

Keep experimenting, trying new things, and you’ll get better! Good luck!


ok i brightened it a bit.

Yes you are right i just have to experiment a bit more especially with the normal lamps, but on such indoor scenes i allways get shiny reflections etc. but with time i will figure this out :slight_smile:

ty for crit

Alright, that’s better. The texture on the floor is a bit stretched, I’d repeat it more along the X axis. The texture on the chairs is a bit funny as well; are you using cubic mapping or just flat?

The rest looks nice. Keep up the good work!

About your “shiny reflections”. . .have you tried turning down the Spec. value for your textures?


I think it looks good.
Radiosity is the best way to achieve realism. But I agree also that you can achieve a lot with normal lamps. But all that aside, if you work a little more on the textures, it will look really nice. The mood is good, that gloomy look of a subway station. You should do something about those jaggies though. Use OSA.

About your “shiny reflections”. . .have you tried turning down the Spec. value for your textures?

uhm no hides :wink: thank you