Hello everyone! This is my first Project in blender, I hope you will like it.
(I used the tutorial from Blender Guru).

I hope you will like it. Please give me some advice, I want to improve my skills…

Wow, that’s looking quite epic. =D I really like the blown-out ground texture and the double tunnel effect. If anything could improve, it would be that there’s some strange ring stuff going on with the walls. Also the walls between the two tunnels are a little thin. Otherwise, much better than my render off the same tutorial!

Yes great job! I remember doing this one I like your addition of the 2nd tunnel and all. I think the rings are a matter of the texture being mapped odd. I would mess around with the mapping settings a little that should fix the rings.

Looks quite good. The only thing I would add is that that partition wall between the two tunnels is too thin to be load bearing. You should increase the distance between the two tunnels for a bit more realism.

The haze in the air is great, the textures are nice, the lighting is great, the DOF is a nice touch. All in all, I like it.

I will work on the wall, thank you for the comments guys.
I also start the subway train, I will post some pictures later.

Totally epic! Absolute awesomeness.

Good work!

I agree with the others about the wall. To me they look like they’re made of that foamy tapestry people sometimes have in their living room, I have some in my bathroom… basically in looks too soft to be cement, tho the texture of it does work. Feels like the cement has been sprayed on, as a finish on the walls, with a machine that has nozzles that circle around the head as it’s moved up the tunnel. If that makes sense… o.O;