Hi. I like subwoofers. Is anyone here in BlenderArtists an audiophile for subwoofers and bass? Does anyone have a Logitech Z-5500, or Z-2300? Or maybe an X-530 or X-540? What kind of subs do you have? This is the BlenderArtists unofficial subwoofer thread.

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I am an audiophile. Movies, music, and games are my thing so I built a reasonable surround system. I run a pioneer 1014tx 7.1, Cerwin Vega speakers (I don’t care what the nay sayers say, my Cerwins will blow your house down) and for the cherry on top I went with the HSU VTF-1 sub.

This sub is really the best thing I ever did for my ears. All the super positive reviews are dead on. It never let’s me down on music (to 16hz lol) and movies (open both ports and watch your pant legs shake). I’ve owned it for a few years and beat the crap out of it almost daily and it doesn’t miss a beat.

I’ve seen vids of Cerwin Vegas on YouTube, and I believe that they shake you house. Aren’t they like almost the loudest speakers for their size? I really want a pair of the CLS-215’s. I also have two 28 year old 9" Fisher tower subs. They’re in a sealed box with a 4" tweeter and a 2.5" supertweeter. The subs act as the midrange, and somehow play the vocals in the music while at the same time doing up to .5 or even a full centimeter of excursion. In SPL, they sound like 6 or 7’s, but in SQ, they sound like cinema subs. They can probably hit the mid 90’s in DB’s. I got them with a JVC 190 watt reciever. Now all I need is a surround sound system!

Sometimes I like to turn the sub woofer off and try to play a game or listen to a song to get that laptop feel. I feel sorry for you guys!

Just checked, my sub woofer is a Creative “Inspire” (that right?) TS540. Not sure how good it is supposed to be, but is great enough for me. Oh, and have you ever heard of those car contest things? Try to fit the loudest and biggest sub in your car, these guys have a driver’s seat then a giant subwoofer that has the power to implode Mars or something… I’m not sure if I’d ever want to attend for my ears are worth something. I can’t find any sites for the actual contest, but here’s some of the stuff they use…
With the very low frequency it has, it should have an awesome feel.
In the future it may not be so expensive. If it survives, if people care for the technology.

hmmm… i can consider myself an audiophile :smiley: i like sounds! …good sounds…
couldn’t afford to buy my own sub… so built mine at home… it’s not much…
found a 3rd order low pass filter circuit, allows frequencies below 150Hz, used an old 300W amp, plus old 100W woofers (2 of them)… and that’s it!
good enough for my movies… and can go to as low as 30-40Hz sounds… but not as low as 1Hz like in the previous post… (that must’ve awesome!) even Dolby standard LFE (low freq effects) channel goes only to as low as 3Hz!

A long long time ago (the 90s) I used to install car audio and build sub boxes. The best sound I ever got was from a single 10 inch cerwin vega in a custom band pass box. I think it was driven by a 500 watt pioneer amp. The worst thing I ever helped install was dual 15 inch subs in a ported box place behind the seat of a regular cab ranger pickup truck. That setup produced enough pressure to pop the back window out of the truck. The sound was also horrible. Sometimes bigger it not better, LOL.

BTW: In reference to what CommieC was talking about, google “dB drag race”. That is the extreme SPL competition for car audio. Nothing like building a car stereo that has the potential of causing deafness and possible death from cardiac arrest.

Commiecomrad: Why do you feel sorry for us? I like bass, but not where your eardums pops an you bleed from your inner ear because of 187 DB’s. I like deep bass, and I don’t like to turn speakers up much louder than a movie theater, even though I only have a pair of vintage speakers that can go that loud. I also like that laptop/desktop speaker, bassless sound, at nightime at least. But during the day, crank up the volume (but not too much)!

B3D00: Oh yeah, I heard about that a long time ago. I can’t wait until they get as cheap as regular subwoofers (will they ever? Just look at how much more complex it is compared to a conventional subwoofer.).

garuhhh: Yeah, as long as you have a sub that can go as deep and loud as you listening level wants, I’d consider that a satisfying subwoofer.

DichotomyMatt: On another thread of mine, didn’t you post a comment that you worked in an audio shop an used a pair of 15’s at 10 Hz as a fan? Then you heard a pop, and blew the subs, right? Sometimes subwoofer lovers go a little too far with SPL.
On an episode of Mythbusters, Grant, Tory, and Kari went to an SPL competition. Some of the cars they visited were capable of 170 DB’s! Steve Meade won 4th in the worldwide championships for DB dragracing. He has a username and some videos. I don’t know how he sits so still with all the DB’s attacking and damagaing his eardrums. Now he went too far. LOL

I just have a little radio with x2 AA batteries that I listen to when I have time and am away from home. It does the job so I can’t complain.

On an episode of Mythbusters, Grant, Tory, and Kari went to an SPL competition. Some of the cars they visited were capable of 170 DB’s! Steve Meade won 4th in the worldwide championships for DB dragracing.

hehe i saw that on tV! i wouldn’t want to be inside that car!!

Yep, that was me. I got carried away seeing how much air I could move at a sub-audible frequency. At least they were not my speakers, LOL.

I for one, never went for the ton of amps and big speakers. Back, when I was installing stereos, it seems no one was satisfied unless they could cause the trunk (boot) lid or hatchback on their car to rattle. Myself I like to actual here the lyrics along with the bass line.

Yeah, I like to actually hear the music and lyrics too. But with some hip-hop or rap songs, you can’t understand what they’re saying if you were using a center channel speaker only! I’m satified with the stereo that comes with our car. I think it’s a 6"by 9" subwoofer, and the bass is really good down to almost a little below 40 Hz! And the Mythbusters episode where they make the big subwoofer was on just last night! What kind of speaker system do you have hooked up to your computer? I have a $30 2.1 system with a 4" ported subwoofer tuned to 65 Hz, and two satellites with 2.5" drivers. Now I want to get a Logitech X-530 5.1 surround sound system (and of course, keep my current Cyber Acoustics CA-3094). To me, subwoofers are like Lay’s Potato Chips, you can never just have one!

Right now I am just using the standard Dell speakers that came with my PC. But, I do have a Logitech set with 4.5 inch amplified sub and 2 inch satellites. I never hooked them back up after moving my workstation. They are just 20 more feet of wire I haven’t found time to deal with.

Where’d you get the Logitech system? If you show me a picture, I can tell you exactly what type of system they are, hopefully. And what is you avatar a picture of? It’s kinda creepy (no offense).

I don’t have any fancy speakers, but I do like bass. I don’t mean I crank it ridiculously high, but I sort of unintentionally follow the bass line when listening to music.

I have had the logitechs for several years. I can’t remember where they came from. I think they came with an old Systemax PC. I am also, too lazy to dig them out right now. As for my avatar it is a closeup of a demon coming out of a closet door, you can see the whole image here:

Thanks for the link, now I know what it is. It’s actually pretty creative. Do your Logitech’s look like this, or this, or this? For some reason I’m really wondering about the system you have. If you’re feeling a little too lazy to tell me what kind they are, it’s OK. I can’t wait until I get and X-530.

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