SUCCESS!: Animation scripting w/ Joystick

Hi all.

Just wondered what the public thought about this, designing a remote camera for inter company use, using blender to map out the this’s and that’s of it and do a practical remote protocol test.

I have a python library set up for multicast/unicast broadcasting for remote control purposes mainly, I have not incorperated that into the script yet, only libJSW for getting information from the joystick.

I also used xwd to get as fast as possible screenshots from the blender window so I can convert them and encode them later, they are captured on a per frame basis.

I dunno… I think its neat… what do you all think?

I think blender needs more support for different renderstyles that suit interactive environments.


I think it is cool, nice to see alternate uses for Blender.

I think support for a large range of render styles is a good idea, I don’t know if there are many that suit interactive environments, but I am sure if Blender aquires more advanced support for alternate renderers they will appear. Renderman support may help, but I don’t know enough about it to comment.
Good luck,


Yeh… having a way to basically go about having a standard shading mode instead of texture shading w/o all the fluff (like in game mode) would be nice. There has to be interest for that!

Also embedding Blender windows/views into other X windows would be amazingly awesome.


You can render out the OpenGL view to files, animations included. It’s great for getting timings right when your computer can’t display the scene at 30fps. So if you just want something like that then the feature is already there.