Such a noob.

I am relatively new to blender but I am really interested in BGE. I have been interested in game development for ages and I would love to learn how to use this engine. I have looked through tuts but they all seem to be specific tuts, but I am looking for something like Noob to Pro for Game Engine. Any pointers on starting out? Is there a good tut out there for me? Should I learn Python??

if you search on “noob to pro” you will find a link to the wiki
Social has written a basic python tutorial (learn python, that is necessary)
specific tutorials are good. Use them, it will make you familiar with the GE.
And use the search man! good luck.

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Yes, that’s a wonderful python tutorial, after reading the first post, I had immediatly thought of suggesting it, you beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, and python is NOT necessary, it is just really useful. :wink:

If you have any questions (that you didn’t find answered after searching), feel free to ask!

I’d say the most important thing is to learn how to make low poly models (which isnt hard if you already have a good grip on the modeling process) and how to UV map them. UV Mapping is a fancy way to say wrapping a texture around a mesh.

Python is important but not necessary for game creation with Blender. I’d start off by doing a search for UV Mapping Tutorials. Hope this helped = )

Yes, you should learn python if you want to unlock all of the capabilities of this engine. That said you don’t have to know python to start. I would say start with the intro in this link:

It will introduce you to the game engine. After that read through the forums starting with the stickies. You will have practice skills and get a feel for how things work; the strengths and weaknesses. Also, because there are many different ways to solve problem you will have to get a feel for your own style.
Blendenzo’s site will fill in some holes:

In reading through the forum you would run across Snailrose’s walking plus tutorial. Go through Social’s tutorial first.

There really needs to be more wiki stuff done, but for now that should get you a good over view.

P.S Venom is right. Here is a link for that.