Such is Life

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

My huge thanks to my friend Floren Bautista for allowing me to make him my model reference. Everything you see here is his existence.

Made with: Blender
Rendered with: Cycles

This is my entry to BlenderGuru’s “Saying Goodbye” competition.

Thanks for viewing! :slight_smile:

Ha! Extra special good!

I cannot see the relitiveness from the title to image.
such is life, traditionally is not meant in a happy way.

I really like this, but TOO MUCH CHROMATIC ABERRATION!

Seriously! it’s a very bad trend (not just your pic) but how often do you see a photo that is this close up, and this in-focus, and not zoomed, with this much chromatic aberration? Really! Find me one single example! Just one! No, I know you can’t! Photos like this just don’t usually have that much chromatic aberration. It looks distracting.

Anyway, it’s a very well-conceived and very well-executed piece, but my pet peeve is over-using “realistic” camera artifacts in post-production. It completely defeats the purpose… Sorry to go on a rant here.

eheheh nice picture :smiley:

Technically, I don’t even regard this as a photo at all, but an image constructed from a combo of emotions, feelings, colors, and what not; or simply put, an artist’s message, in a form fathomable by human perception. This, in any way, does not try to copy reality as seen through a man-made lens, instead it is a logic composed from different thoughts.

If you could find me a real living person photographed with this facial features and anatomy, then we’re quits. :slight_smile:


^^^ no problem, I wasn’t really yelling at you, I was yelling at a trend. But chromatic aberration is a phenomenon left over from photographs, like scanlines on a monitor or something. What’s the need of adding this distracting effect? It’s as if you played a nice guitar solo and then added a lot of tape hiss for no reason other than it sounds like tape. Why??

Anyway, my advice is this, feel free to ignore: either increase the effect so it’s clear you want to use it as an effect, or get rid of it. As it is, my interpretation was that you were trying to make it look like a photo.

And just to be extra clear, I think your piece is awesome, overall one of the best I’ve seen on here in some time. I’m just a little crazy when I see chromatic aberration.

Hey, man, no worries. I really feel great that you’re giving constructive crits on things like these instead of the usual “this is bad” or “this is good” comments with no additional description why (I see this most often on forums and what not).

On a hindsight, I have to agree with you on adding such effects where they become overused eventually detracting from the original purpose of clarity.

But as with anything else, it will always be a case to case basis. The key perhaps would be subtlety (which is easy to say, but very difficult to execute IMO).

Now that I think about and look back on this, I slightly cringe (a probable psychological effect) at the sight of the chromatic abberation.

Thank you so much for the input and for your time! I wish there were more viewers and crits like you.



Too much chromatic abberation??? hah! Took me a couple seconds to find any at all! Dont worry about that comment reyn, i’d say he’s a nutter! :wink:

Nice work bro! And good luck in the contest :slight_smile: hope i finish my entry before the deadline this time :wink:

@reynante: As gregzaal points out, you don’t really have to worry about the chromatic abb. in the image, it’s hardly noticeable unless you are looking for it. I was sort of just going on a philosophical rant… glad you found my post helpful instead of crazy though.