Sucks to be a ragdoll...

This is my best render up to date. I believe its my 4th render ever. I didnt know how to texture the pins to look metallic tho…


Wow nice! The doll looks superb!

Some tips for the pins:

#1 A subsurf set even to level 1 would make a ton of difference for the appearance of the pins. (they are too low poly for your high poly scene)

#2 For a metallic look, first try higher Spec and Hardness levels and see what that does. (the subsurf will boost the results)

#3 A reflection map (not ray mirror) might to the trick for metallic look.

#4 Now that I think of it, try Ray Mirror and see what the effect gives :smiley:

I hope some of these suggestions are helpful!

Ouch, that would be painful indeed. I think Robo3Dguy is right about the pins though, that’s the only thing that needs to be worked on. I like the texture of the ragdoll a lot.