Sudden loss of all collision sensors

I opened a game I’ve been working on the other day and none of the collision sensors were working. Even the ones that told an object to swap itself out for another object didn’t activate, so the “floating” object was sitting on the ground, never being replaced with the “landed” object. There was no “error in console”. Any help?

If your using 2.41, that’s normal, along with countless other features. It seems the developers cant get together and make a release that is actually solid. Guess what happens when you open a game made in 2.37 and switch to Bullet engine? Surprise! Blender fails.

Collision works for me in 2.41. Were you using property or material. I think if it’s a property the object has to be an actor. Haven’t used material.

I’m using 2.41 and have been for most of the project. They’re property sensors and don’t have to be actors. No explination for the collision loss, it just happened.

OK, I have a follow-up: Using 2.41, I made a quick scene with a cube and plane and the collision worked perfectly. I tried all material settings like Fh for the plane and all physics settings for the cube, it still worked.

However, in this other game I made in 2.41, Collision won’t work no matter what. I have also tried messing with its settings but nothing will fix it. This is all very confusing…

Apparently there’s some bug that is causing it to fail. If you don’t know exactly what was done when it failed, it’s pretty much impossible to trace. We’ll just have to all keep an eye out for it, and if it fails check the last thing we did to make sense of it. So far, I haven’t had any trouble except having to make one object an actor in order to get it to work, but I use near sensors mostly. Sounds a little scary. Game almost finished, all sensors fail, no errors. Ouch.