Sudden visitor

Greetings everyone!

This is my first post to this forum. I thought that I might have done something fairly ok, considering the fact that I have been using Blender just for few months now. Compositing (color corrections and stuff like) were done in Photoshop.

My background in short is that I have been video director and editor +10 years and also directed several 3D ads, but never tried to do anything with my own hands (well… I tried few times, but ran out of patience…:D). So last May/April i decided to try out Blender and started doing tutorials. I still have a lot to learn in 3D and Blender, but I must say that it is awesome piece of software! Pretty hard, but then again, many times more comples than for example FCP, After Effects or Photoshop. As said, I am quite a n00b in 3D so feedback is appreciated. :slight_smile:

At first I could not distinguish King Kong. I saw a kind of monster and an eye. Perhaps the nostril too big and eye outside of the orbit. But I really like everything else. Have you modeled most of the objects there?

Thank you YAFU for your feedback. :slight_smile: Sculpting is hard and I agree I do have a lot to improve in it. I did use picture of gorilla as reference, but as the time passed my dynamic topology sculpted model came so heavy, that at some part I just had to let it be as it was cos’ my PC started to get so laggy. But tbh total hours spent on gorilla sculpt were not that many. Tweaking the hair took a lot longer. :slight_smile:

Everything you see in this picture is self modelled by me (textures from CGtextures). With a remark that those breads I did by the Blender Guru’s tutorial and that plant was made with sappling addon.

the story telling part of the image is great -through lighting, composition,drama.kingkong is difficult to has a nice children’s story illustration quality to it.

Thank you. I gues storytelling and stuff like you mentioned come from my background as working as a director. :slight_smile:

lol I thought this was going to have something to do with menstruation. lol

:slight_smile: Becouse of the title typo I assume? (fixed now:D)

Great piece! Lots of story, very real environment, dig the detail.

I couldn’t tell it was Kong either at first, but that’s not so big a deal.

Keep going!

Thank you Dorian, I sure will keep going. I just wish I would have had patience to start learning this fine art 10-15 years ago. :slight_smile: But I gues every artistic skills is beneficial while doing 3D. :slight_smile:

Idea behind the scene is great and modelling looks fine, but personally I think lightning / scene should be readjusted.

It creates somehow strange feeling when viewers eye focuses on the main light above the table where as it should first focus to kingkong’s face and afterwards towards the point he is looking. Also it feels strange that kingkong’s point of intrest is totally out of picture. In addition kingkong is hardly readable with current lightning / composition, at first I didnt see him at all, after a while I spotted him but I still strugled to see how his head is placed in the window.

I dont mean to mock your piece by any way, but I feel like theres really so much more potential with this work of yours!

Good job anyway!

Thanks jjjuho! It was kind of artistic decission to leave Kong lurking in the darkness as I wanted audience to find it after looking the table and room for a while. I also experimented daylight version, but it wasnt as exciting as this low-light version. :slight_smile:

But I know this is far from perfect - especially King Kong sure could be redone. But I am already working on new image so getting back to this one feels somewhat hard. Considering to post this new image as WIP, but not sure yet. :slight_smile:

This is really amazing and such a cool concept! Great work!

Thank you! I still like this image too. It is actually quite a wonder that I was able to do this image at the time I did it. :slight_smile: