Suddenly all bones frozen in Pose mode


I was rigging Khaleb’s ‘Dude in Shades’ character (Blendswap). Everything was ok but suddenly I can’t move / scale / rotate any bones in Pose mode (no problem in other modes). No idea what happened. Any idea ?

The rig is built from the rigify rig and made accordingly Lee Salvemini’s tutorial ‘Introduction to rigging’ that I found on BlenderGuru’s website.

I’ve included the blend if you want to have a look at it.

Thanks !

Character_version mirror_rigged1.blend (1.37 MB)

You have the ‘Manipulate center points’ turned on. In the 3d header, between the display mode and the 3d manipulator controls, it’s icon is 3 dots above a double headed arrow… turn that off. Don’t ask me what it’s for, I’ve never used it and it shouldn’t be in the 3d view header…


Yes, thanks ! I’ve found these explanations about this button (that I had never noticed…) :

“Finally, the little button with the three dots and double-headed arrow just to the right of the one that pops up the Pivot Point menu is titled “Manipulate center points”; this means the transformations do not affect the actual objects themselves, only their positions. To see the effect of this, you need to choose a pivot point that is not the object’s origin. Now try a rotation of the object, and you will see that it describes an arc around the pivot point, without changing its orientation; try scaling, and that will change the distance between the object’s origin and the pivot point, without affecting the size of the object itself.”

Without (= regular rotation with 3d cursor as the pivot point):

With :