Suddenly, all my Blender 2.5X versions crash on User Preferences (Win XP)...

Hi all,

Suddenly, all Blender instances on my laptop, a Compaq 6710b, with Mobile Intel 965 graphics chipset, started to crash when I open the User Preferences dialog. The crash has the following error signature:

AppName: blender.exe
ModName: ig4icd32.dll
Offset: 00202fc1

As I understand ig4icd32.dll is part of the Intel graphics driver… Anyone else has similar problems? Anyone knows any workaround?
I have Windows XP SP3…
Thanks in advance.

Try removing the startup.blend file from the config folder.

Thanks for the quick answer…

I deleted such file… And same thing…
I even issued a ‘Load Factory Settings’ menu command followed by a Ctrl+U to save the user preferences file overwriting anything previous with factory settings… and the same thing happened…

Hi, I had latptop with the same graphic card that you have, and of course had the same problem, but when I updated my drivers.

The workaround for this is not going to file/user preferences anymore, but instead go there by changing the editor type. So, create a new window or simply change the default 3d view for “user preferences”

Thanks Brachi, that method worked. This community is wonderful. Thanks to all.