suddenly GPU acting strange


There seems to be a sudden problem with my GPU.
I am running a I7 second generation 2,0 ghz laptop with 1 amd graphics card,
and suddenly since two days when i am just modelling in blender a simple model less then thousand vertices my graphics card rises to 70 C (celcius) and on the performance meter it says its at 70% workload,

this does not seem right to me.
Does anyone know the cause of this.


are you using cycles?

no i am not using cycles i am just navigating in the 3d view port when it happens

that’s very strange. my GPU doesn’t run much at all in 3d view… Blender doesn’t utilizes my GPU fully (I haven’t found a setting to adjust that yet) on both my laptop, and desktop.

are you using nvidia card?

no i am using a amd radeon hd.
it is strange because before it did not do this. it only used the cpu for normal viewport navigation and now my gpu goes to 80% for just navigating.
has anyone experienced this problem before?

Are you using GLSL or multitexture?

just normal grey default material, just modeling.

I asked about the GLSL and mutitexture shading methods since some cards dump GLSL off the CPU as they are software emulated, like my Radeon HD 5770. AMD said they had corrected this in updates, but they didn’t. Since you are talking about 80% in the GPU, and seeing lag, I would check to see if your drivers are updated. I would also place the shading in mutitexture mode and turn off textured solid and see if that makes a difference in performance in the side bar that pops up when you hit “n” under the shading heading.