Suddenly I cannot rotate any object in my scene

I have a huge file (could not possibly upload it) that all of a sudden began giving me a big problem. This morning all of a sudden I cannot rotate ANY object or camera in the scene, including newly added objects. I am able to transform location x y and z … but rotation is unable to be changed on any axis.

I do need to mention a few things about this file…

  1. The original file was created and being used, in 2.72a … I then did a “save as” gave it a different name, and then opened the new file in 2.75a

  2. I’ve been working with this file for over a week in 2.75a . I did a good amount of modeling , appended many things from other files, and have had no problems using this file up until now.

  3. While troubleshooting this I made opened a new default file in 2.75a. I appended a couple objects from this problem file, and I was able to rotate them just fine. I’ve also made sure that median point was selected on any object I was trying to rotate.

My questions are…

  1. Is there anything I could have accidentally done to lock rotation for all objects in the scene?

  2. Any suggestions on how to solve this mystery would be greatly appreciated.

Ensure you have not enabled the ‘Manipulate Center Points’ button on the 3d view header

Thank you Richard ! That was the problem (breathing a sigh of relief :slight_smile: )