Suddenly my character is broken.

This character was fine, and I was happy making actions for export to unity, then suddenly blam:

Did I press the wrong button? Just prior to this I accidentally pressed z or alt-z and had to cycle back to textured mode, but surely that can’t have set off this?
Can a button press do this?

Please can you have a look:

Quite a lot of time and effort invested in this one do far, and when something like this happens it makes me want to … I don’t know what. Scream or something.
Can you tell what’s going on?

It’s blender 2.61 r 42615 if that’s any help.


I took a look, and I cannot quite put my finger on what is going on.

You can make him stand correctly if you do an Alt+g on the following bones: lowerBody, kneeTarget.L and kneeTarget.R, plus IKLeg.L and IKLeg.R Though this works to fix a single frame, if you scrub through the timeline it will return to the bad positions. You actually have to mute these channels in the Action Editor to get it to stop squatting down (but then they don’t animate, since they’re muted).

I hope someone can inform us both about the cause of the distortion.

Do you not have a backup version? If you didn’t make one manually check the .blend1 or .blend2 or maybe something in the Autosave area.

P.S.: For anyone else looking at the .blend, be aware that “Automatic Keyframe insertion” is on.

Thanks for looking rking.

I have a 1.5 version but it is from before the UVs and action animations were created. The actual .fbx is still alright, I haven’t exported since the problem. So just on the offchance: does anyone reading this know how to reimport a .fbx back into blender successfully?

thanks in advance,
Stuart etc

I looked at this thing inside & out, up one side and down the other, even turned it over and looked under it… I’ve even considered tossing it out my window, but let’s face it, that’d just be silly :spin:

The main stumbling block I hit is not being able to get the armature into it’s rest post.

A few tips for future reference: when something like this goes to $hit it’s usually best to just exit blender and reload the file. As rking suggests, looking at the .blend1 & .blend2 files can be useful for back-stepping and recovering an earlier version. Also looking for autosaves in the ‘tmp’ folder can also be useful.

You could start with the file you posted, delete the armature, (by the way, there are 2 of them) and delete the armature modifier from the mesh, then look to a good file that has the armature in it, (in good working order) and append that into the current file. then add the armature modifier to the mesh…

As to fbx import… the phrase ‘when pigs learn to fly…’ comes to mind.