suddenly, my textures are moving

and this is not the squirming noise texture thing. also, I have not selected “glob”

I make a brand new texture, throw in some clouds hit a test pan of camera and the clouds appear to be sliding across my shapes!

I am not seeing what’s wrong…done this a bunch of times with no issue.

thanks for any hints!


Since you have not selected Global, you might have selected something like Object, Window or Reflection. This would cause the moving texture

OK…so must it be UV, Orco…or one of the others?

I never noticed these sliding textures when using Object before…

I’m in 249b and here are screen caps of my settings. I have tried the methods you said stay away from, mainly because they gave the texture I wanted, aside from the sliding problem…this setting stretches it horizontally, whereas I would like it to be clouds.

thank you!