Suddenly objects are linked, and I can't seem to unlink them

Hi all. First time Blender user here. I have been struggling quite a bit today. For some reason, seperate objects in my scene (in different Collections) affect each other when I transform/move them around. I have tried to Unlink/Make single user and reset all transforms, but no luck. I have no idea why it happened and thus, no idea how to fix it.

I am on a Mac mini M1, Blender 2.9

Thanks, Colin!

Well, don’t worry, nothing much complicated
You just need to desactivate your tool like in the screenshot :

the circled button must not be colored

just turn the proportional edition OFF by hitting the O-KEY :wink:
( O-KEY is the one left of P-KEY not the zero :smiley: )

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Thank you both! Such a basic mistake. :pray::pray: