Suddenly Rendering Problem

Hi I have the wierdest problem that I have come across Blender. I’ll be modeling and what not and all of a sudden Blender renders the current frame. Sometimes it will render an animation sequence or just the current frame. It sometimes triggers when I press the number pad. What really freaks me me out is that it will sometimes render when F12 is pressed and sometimes it doesn’t. I have reinstalled another copy of Blender directly from the site and same thing. Is there anyone else suffering from this? I feel like Suzanne’s behind me pressing the render key!

You sure you’re not accidently pressing any hotkeys or combinations of hotkeys that trigger rendering?

If not if you can narrow it down to when it does it you may want to send a bug report.

This is strange, it has never done it to me.

I figured out the problem. I did a fresh re-install of python, yafray, and blender and it worked perfectly. Maybe there was a corrupted file or something? Anyways thanks for the help

I was having the same problem when I would accidentally touch the mouse pad on this laptop and a lot of times it would cause Blender to freeze up, so I disabled the pad.

RamboBaby, if Blender is still giving you problems you should do what I did it works perfect now.

It had something to do with that rotten little mouse pad on the laptop…most of them suck, but this is the best I’ve ever see, very easy to work with, but I still think they all suck and I should have disabled it weeks ago as I always plug in a real mouse. Hasn’t recurred since I disabled it.