Suddenly, SHIFT+E just stopped worinkg...

Yeah, you know, the XMIRRORED extruding, SHIFT+E, wich issupposed to extrude bones in both directions from a root bone…i used this technice hundreds of times but today it simply didnt work, attempting it in a new work.

I proceded with the usall what-the-hell-is-wrong panel and buttons chek, but didnt’found anything wrong.

So, being as it was a new work on a very early phase, i closed Blender and started a brand new version of it…but the problem persisted.

i noticed that the extruded bones actually do exrude in pairs from the root bone, but totally overlaped, having to rotate one of them in order to see the other (wich, being a mirrored bone, also rotates, but the root bone rotates a bit too!)

Any ideas? Gracias.

It’s working ok for me, do you have ‘x-axis mirror’ button checked?

Yes, im sure, i’ll check the rotations and all those things, im sure it’s something silly.

It sounds like the bone from which you are trying to mirror extrude isn’t located along the object center of the armature … It is always good practice to center your cursor to the global center with Shift-C with any individual thing in 3D, and to use that as the reference point so as to not get confused when you use the various mirror options … Or you are in a side view (X axis mirror only works in either the front or top view)

Select each armature object (the 3D widget will show you where the object center is), as you can see the off set on the example on the left does some odd things …


object_mirror_center.blend (148 KB)