Sugar - A Bittersweet Journey - A CGI Animated Short Film by Ilya Landshut

Hello 3D Artists!

Here is my cgi animated short film “Sugar - A Bittersweet Journey”. Made with blender. Production time: about 4 years.

The film on youtube:

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“Sugar - A Bittersweet Journey” tells the story of an extraterrestrial exploring the universe for sugar in order to rescue his beloved planet. Ever since I was a little boy, I was fascinated by the concept, that we are not alone in the universe. I kept asking myself if there are other beings like us. My goal was to create an extraterrestrial character very different, yet so similar to us; someone with problems, needs and dreams aswell.

​The story shows, that no matter how far you venture into deep space, your home will always be the place you cherish most. For just this purpose, the alien, Mr.Green, has undertaken his vast travels. The production took place at the hamburg university of applied sciences troughout 7 semesters (about 4 years). ​The CGI was created in blender, the production´s primary 3d animation software.

The sounddesign and music were produced at the university´s sound and foley studio, the Tonlabor Haw Hamburg. ​The film was animated in 16:9 aspect ratio and has a runtime of about 7 minutes. I directed, wrote and created the cgi for the film. The sound design was made by Xuecong Chen and the music by Yinjun Zhang.

© 2020 Ilya Landshut



Thanks for sharing Ilya! I really enjoyed it :+1:

Thanks Matt! If you like, share it with other artists, and they can share it aswell. That would help a lot to make the film more famous! Thanks in advance Matt. :smiley:


extremily beautiful animation!
Good work!

Thanks so much Pedro!

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I really enjoyed this. Had to come watch it twice.

Really nice to see. Liked the storie and planet design.
The drone was so nice searching everywhere.