[Sugesstion]Interface stuff to improve the VSE

Hi guys, I am proud to use the VSE as its one of the best video editors I know for its flexibility, but there are 2 things i would improve, it`s just a bunch of lines in python.

Id just integrate the speed strip into the panel on the right (like there already are strobe, x and y position and whatever), and Id also put a checkbox to adjust the framerate to the current video (that simply sets the speed rate to strip/scene fps).
Because actually if you are running a 24fps video on a 30fps scene you are going to speed it down with a speed strip set to 24/30, that means 0.8, pretty annoying and also impossible to get for all the new users.
If the problem could be performance the whole “speed” panel could have a main checkbox (like Proxies have) to turn it on or off.

Another simple thing (or maybe it just sounds simple to me) could be a function to get into fast compositing. It happens to everyone when using the VSE to want to go into the node editor to edit a single strip, maybe just for minor adjustments that couldn`t be done only with the VSE tools.
My advice is to add a function that converts the selected strip to a scene of the duration and the framerate of the strip, and on it in the node editor input, instead of the render as input setting already the video file of the strip, cut from the as you had set it in the VSE

Cheers, I hope i don`t bother with my suggestions, I try to give the simplest ideas to the community, cause I know the developers are really busy on big stuff