A few days ago, i downloaded version 2.4 of Blender, and i`m totaly
stunned. I realy think it beats even 3dSMax in many ways.

After playing around with the new Charakter Animation tools, i thougt it would be nice to have Motion tracking.
In 3dsmax exist a Midi-Motiontracking Constraint.This would be awsome to have in Blender!

Someone could argue that you can use the Game engine (mouse, and joysick input) and record it into ipo curves. But i got all this midi Equipement in front of me (16 Fader and a lot of Knobs!). It would even be posible to controll finest mimic of a face just with those Sliders.

Im not as good in C++ in fact i couldnt get even the existing sourcecode compiled) so i would probably just mess the whole thing up.

Is this the right place for Sugestions like this?

by the way: Is there a tutorial out there how to compile the source with devc++??

“Motion Tracking” is a method to track the relative paths of background scenery with regard to the position of the camera that shot that footage and enable realistic compositing of 3D objects into that scene using the 3D programs camera.

I think what you’re looking for is Automatic Posing of bones with the mouse. You can do this if you open the User Prefs window and, under ‘Edit Methods’ enable “Auto Keyframe”.


This comes closer to what i thougt.
But i like to use a Midi Controller for it.

In 3dsMax there exist such a thing. You can use any Midi Controller and controll with it any Parameter of any object (position, rotation, scale … you name it).
Even for non Musicans it would be great.
Nowadays you can get a good Midi Controller for under 100 bucks.

The script may (or may) not have been updated for Python 2.4.


This is Amazing!!
I start to love Phyton!


Thak You!!!