Suggest A Software For My Problem

Hey guys,
This may be a rather absurd question but here goes.
My objective is to take a fabric (taken by photograph) and “drape” it into a model so I can view how the fabric looks on the model without stitching the garment.

So there are many techniques used in the industry , and it depends on their usage. Optitex calls this Virtual Prototyping , MD does it for making clothes for Games , etc.
However, since i sell these fabrics, my objective is to apply many of my designs to the same model / pose so i can see how various fabrics look like - somewhat like texture mapping , like the image below:

However, most of my fabrics have a minimum of 2 layers, and they are lace fabrics which means they have a transparency. My questions is, is there any 3D Texture mapping / Draping tool that allows me to texture map and work in layers . I’m trying to texture map with the look below, using my own fabrics

Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !