suggest approach: Bourne Supremecy inspired end credits

Trying to make my own version of movie end credits similar to the Bourne Supremacy (2nd Bourne film).

How would you suggest I approach this animation? What is the overall work flow I should use?

Tried a variety of approaches so far including:

  • A sliding emitter object trailing halos dense enough to look like a line

  • Hand animated extruding pipes

  • Static planes being lit by animated spot lights running along the path

  • Blend texture using a ramp color, trying to keyframe the x axis offset

    None of these approaches are delivering the intended effect, but I’m not experienced enough to know if I’ve chosen the wrong approach, or if I just need to keep refining and learning one of the approaches above or something else entirely.

Are there any experienced Blender-ers who can suggest a viable path to achieving the animated highlighted line effect?


After a lot of experimenting, found the approach below to be the most efficient way to create the scene. This approach delivered usable results very quickly. Test rendering was pretty fast which is important since I have a fairly old computer. And once the framework was established, I could easily focus on tweaking and experimenting for the right effect without laborious rework.

  • Create a tileable cube of rail structures
  • Create a spotlight with blue edges
  • Create and position emitters between some of the cube structure alleys
  • Add a particle system to emit spotlights that traverse the scene
  • Animate the camera movements

Early proof of concept render:
More detailed notes arranged somewhat like a tutorial:

I’m still open to better suggestions, but thought I’d share this progress in hopes of helping someone else. Thanks!

I’ve always liked that end sequence. I think you might be right about the text and associated lines being composted, or added latter. They certainly look more substantial and are the focus of the animation. I really only noticed two things that differed from the overall feel of the original. The original doesn’t seem to have any ambient light. In your mockup there was a segment that you could see a good bit of the overall framework, even without the roaming spotlights. I’m sure that could be adjusted to taste in post. Maybe just a brightness/contrast adj. The other thing I noticed and rally liked in the original is a slight strobing affect across all of the lighting. I have no idea how you might do that though … perhaps some kind of a moving occlusion grid.

Thanks for sharing your work, always interesting to see how something is built. You know I heard somewhere that there really was a guy named Bourne and the unique, but rare form of amnesia he had is named after him. Of course he wasn’t a secret agent :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments! I was fighting the ambient light effect by trying to tweak the spotlight energy and falloff distance. Finally found the “Sphere” option which “Sets light intensity to zero beyond lamp distance”. Exactly what I needed. Now have much better control over where the light goes. Thanks to the time invested in finding a tunable framework (toot! toot! :-)) was able to easily tweak the source spotlights and re-run another test render:

Plenty more work to go:

  • Adjust the colors to a little more blue around the light edge
  • Try out Blender’s processing pipelines to add the soft glow effect
  • Start animating the actual credits themselves. This will likely involve hand animation.

(PS: Granted; the Sphere option is immediately beneath the settings I was adjusting and the mouse hover clearly states its purpose. But what happened to clipping? Wouldn’t start and end clipping distances be clearer options?)