Suggest quick improvements to MakeHuman armature?

Here’s what MH puts out (after cleaning up the mess the collada importer makes) -


I’m going to be using this to pose characters for comic books, and maybe do very limited, clunky animatic quality animation.

What I’m looking for are changes I can do in a few minutes that will make posing easier and more accurate. Like breaking that spine bone up into vertebrae so characters can arch their backs (BTW, how many vertebrae would you recommend?) I need to do bunches of these in a hurry so think simple.

For vertebrae, use Bbones (Bezier bones) with several segments each. this will enable you to keep manipulation easier while getting curvy deformations.

Hrmm, I switched to bbones but didn’t get the “in/out” field in the armature bones section like the wiki shows. Is the wiki out of date?

I re-upped the blend.

It should be right next to the Segm: field in the Armature bones panel …

And if you want to be some what anatomically correct you should divide the spine into 2 B-bones (thorax 12 segments/lumbar 5 segments - lumbar should be no more then half the length of the thorax) … This setup is also more realistic when the torso bends …

But this rig is quite a mess otherwise … It might be due to the Collada import, but still you’ll have to add/adjust constraints … lock up joints, etc.
If you need this layout for it to work with the MH mesh I would suggest that you might want to use these bones as the deform layer ala Cessen/Nathan Dunlap’s MO (in fact maybe even take the pose layer from his basic rig he released and bind it to this) …

Ah, I see what happened. The segments don’t show until one tabs out of edit mode, and in/out is under pose mode.

Changes to spine made, file re-upped.

MO? Method of Operations?

I don’t know what’s involved with that, it sounds like it could be time consuming. The big reason why I’m using the MH rig is because it fits right in the MH body without any adjusting on my part. Gotta save time.

Any more suggestions?

MO = Modus Operandus = Method of Operation … I guess you don’t watch a lot of police dramas … :stuck_out_tongue:

But when I say the rig is a mess I mean it doesn’t even have axis mirroring for the bones, all bones are sequentially names joint1, joint2, … jointN, etc. … Is this rig paired to the MH mesh with shapekeys and everything ? … Renaming bones and turning on X-Axis Mirror on isn’t that hard (and all drivers, constraints dependent on the bone name will automatically update) … but it is time consuming … all rigging is .

So if you are up to it, rename the bones with L/R conventions first . And if you want “fancy” options like IK (auto or targeted - this was always the reason why I didn’t like the MH interface … all FK controls … ack!), and you’ll have to lock up some bones to get decent armature motion if you decide to use Auto IK …

And then there’s the hands … the easiest way of dealing with them (if you don’t want to use constraints) is to simply create an action going from one extreme to another (from hands fanned out to tight fist) and just use that as the basis for future poses by deleting keys/inserting keys in between in the interpolated data (if you are going to animate) in between the two extremes … This will work most of the time unless you need the character to play the piano … Otherwise you’ll have to build a complex set-up like Bassam’s Mancandy … I could have recommended you use the Action constraint, but there is a bug currently in how 2.46 handles the constraint with keyed data …

And actually you might want to create a set of keyed poses to facilitate posing in general .

And speaking of phalanges … you might just get rid of the toes … I would guess 99% of the time you won’t be posing individual toes …