Suggest system from these


I just made myself comfortable using Blender and wish to make it my main 3D tool. So far I have been using my old Dell inspiron 1520 with core 2 duo, 4GB RAM and Nvidia GT 8400M. But the system is showing its age and I need a new system.

I am using Wings 3D, Gimp, Inkscape and Kerkythea along with (believe it or not) the last version of Truespace. My usual requirements are still scenes and I use 3D software to create elements and simple scenes for my 2D graphic design projects. I use Ubuntu as my main OS and Windows 7 for file conversion and support OS. I am not much of a gaming person.

Unfortunately my budget caps out at around $1000 or INR 60,000 and hence I cannot buy super expensive workstations. I’ve arrived at the following 3 system specs which fit my budget. Please suggest which is the best for my requirements.

The used system mentioned here is from a trusted source. Ebay link of the product here

Are you able to build the system yourself or do you want to buy a complete one? From the above i would go with the Intel Solution but i think it is not optimal.

I can build my system, have done it earlier. I had a desktop earlier but gave it my younger brother. Please suggest what would be the optimal solution.