suggest workflow for scuplted model (using dynotopo) to ready for posing (uv mapped)

I have been learning dynotopo sculpting, done with a sculpt which is around 2 million poly (which is obvious). As I am satisfied with output, I want to texture it and pose it for final display. I came across some paint over process using photoshop (I guess its without uv mapping). How is it done exactly? OR suggest me workflow with unwrapping. I think as mesh comes to proper count skinning and posing will not be an issue as I know rigging, animation process.

If you have a 2 million poly model only with Dyntopo then you will find it extremely difficult to UV unwrap.
You could try U / Smart Unrwap but your computer may crash with this poly number
You could use vertex paint to use instead of a texture but you may lack detail and don’t have the opportunity of using external paint applications.

Ideally create a duplicate mesh with a better topology on tpp of the high res mesh. You can then use the multires modifier to subdivide the mesh and project back the details from the high res model.
If you search for retolopology tutorials it will show you the basic tools. You can then UV unwrap this model and use image textures. In the render / bake panel you also have the opportunity to transfer any vertex paint on the high res model onto to image textue of the low res model.

yes, smart uv project cannot be an option here and even if it unwraps…seams will be horrible. So, will take retopo approach, I wish to use PS or Gimp,too.
I did search for some addons to help in the process.

What do you suggest? should I go for it, In case you have used it. OR best in your suggestion.

I’ve heard the topology tools from the Blender Market are pretty good, but you will have to pay for them.

A cheaper way would be to create a mesh and use the subsurf modifier at one iteration and a shrinkwrap modifier to create an all-quad mesh that fits the dyntopo sculpt.