Suggested Books for Learning Linux

(BgDM) #1

I am very seriously considering switching to Linux. I have actually used Mandrake 7 a while ago and loved it, but I could never get wine to work so I could still use my doze apps for work and my machine also has a win modem so Linux does not recognize it, at the time anyway.

Can anyone suggest some good, linux newbie books that will get me going and up to speed? I know very little about it and from what I have heard, and also been told, you should read up on it before you go gangbusters with it.

Thanks for any assistance.


(cohort) #2

Pick up a copy of Unix for the Impatient… And for a laugh, read The UNIX-HATERS Handbook

And last but not least (by any stretch of the imagination) is The Linux Documentation Project

(basse) #3

well… there is always city library, so you dont need to ponder too much on what type of linux book you put your money into… I actually never bought linux books… and, if you dont mind reading on the screen, manuals of specific distributions, are often included in the installation cd’s…

but as I said, visit the library, and get one or two basic linux books, (not distribution-related) and browse through…


(Timonides) #4

Well, actually I’ve never bought a linux book, mainly cause I had SuSE Pro, and it comes with a ton of manualls…

But I bought once a book about Unix in general (if you are serious about Linux you definetely need to be familiar with Unix comands…) and became my favorite since:

“Unix Visual Quickstart Guide” by Deboraf S. Ray & Eric J. Ray!!!

It’s really good and easy to read…

Also if you can get a copy of :

“Linux Programming a beginner’s guide” by Richard Petersen

it could be a great help to you… Even though you don’t intend to become a programmer, the first chapters are devoted to Bash and Tcsh Shell programming… And Shell programming is a great tool in some cases…

Richard Petersen is also the author of:

“Linux: The complete reference” which is a great book to (Idon’t have it but I had a look once…)

Hope it helps…


(BgDM) #5

Thanks for the info guys. Appreciated.

Off to the library then.