Suggested easy scene?

I’ve been thinking about and looking at other peoples work, and was wondering what would be something if not really quick, but fairly easy to string together as a scene? What was your first scene involving more than one object?

What about a scene your usually facing?
Jus,t not your room, or a computer.
Unless your creative enough to put a twist on it.

go to, search for something interesting, then ASK THE AUTHOR FOR PERMISSION, that’s what I do.

My first scene was a snowman made of spheres placed in a forest made of cones. On top of a white plane.

I did that tutorial too when I started out traa1703 :slight_smile:

make a paino. or a building. Geometric things are super-easy to model.

Have you tried the default scene in Blender? The camera and light can be considered objects. :yes: Surprising what you could do just animating these three objects and their textures etc.

My first multi-object scene was a Security Pacific National Bank logo, but that was done in Movie.BYU, not Blender.

my first scene is the actual avtar I am using at the moment, don’t look to far for ideas and keep it simple,