Suggested Tools For Blendering

I’ve given into my blender addiction again, but this time I changed from a normal computer mouse to a track ball mouse, and I noticed quite a difference, I just wanted to know if anyone else was using anything other then the regular mouse and keyboard, (ie. 3D interface tools.) Suggestions on tools to use or comments about anything out of the ordinary you have tried, is good to go.

i got a 3 buttons mouse with scroll wheel in the middle
and no ball under it it’s an LED i think
about $15.00 or less
it works very nicely

but ounce you get used to a tool you don’t see it anymore
your brain will integrate it into you arm and that’s all


There are several people on the forum that use Tablets (like Wacoms) with Blender. I have one, but I still use my mouse. I am just stuck in my ways. I will admit that sculpting with the Wacom is more fun.