Suggested Upgrades

I’m wondering what I can upgrade in my PC to improve render times. All my stats are below.

The CPU, the graphics card, the operating system.

You should probably mention what kinds of scenes you render and which render engine you use.

CPU and GPU are both not on the edge of performance. Simple question, simple answer. If you have lots of cash just laying around, get the best that money can buy. It will definitely improve the rendering times.

I would get a newer GPU as it is older and only a mid range GPU.

Thanks for the replies. The GPU is the bottle neck on my system. The CPU often renders faster. Yeah I don’t have tons of cash laying around. Just asked for the off chance there is something I had never considered. GPU’s are so freaking expensive. I’d love to have a gtx 980ti, but nearly 1000 dollars. I don’t currently have a ways to justify that expense. I try not to ever upgrade a tool until that tool makes me money.

Yeah I need a new mobo, 2 980’s, and 32gigs of ram, but for now This willhave to do.