Suggested workflow with clothes: bake each time?

I think I’ve figured out how to make some fairly cool clothing styles for makehuman characters with cloth physics. I was about to make a knee-length dress for a female character but then realized that it would be hard for her to walk-- and keep the legs within the cloth. This tempts me to only make swimsuits or muscle shirts-- clothing that will not get messed up by arm & leg movements.

Any tips for workflows here? I do NOT like the idea of making the clothing from the body mesh: this would look weird in the case of someone with a big chest, male or female.

I may be wrong, but I’m guessing after you have the cloth the way you want it, you want to go to the frame that is best fitting and apply the modifier. After that you can switch on Softbodies. You have to parent your Cloth (which is now a Softbody) to your armature and use the “bone heat” option.

Maybe this can help you…

Well, I’m not an artist and I’ve only been using Blender for about a month, but I may have an approach that you can adapt.

I started a MakeHuman model. Then I supperimposed a 1 unit tall cylinder on the part of the body I wanted to clothe. (without endcaps) Then I did an edge loop select on the top and scaled it in the x and y directions to get it to fit as well as I could. Did the same with the bottom loop. Sometimes I had to Grab the loop and move it around a bit. Then I Excruded the loop another unit or so and repeated the process until I had a rough garment.

Then I sculped the resulting outfit to be more formfitting, if that’s what I wanted. I’m beginning to experiment with intruducing bulges and wrinkles…

Anyway, like I said, not an artist, and still a noob. But this is one of my works in progress.