Suggestion about Blender users wiki area

I have a suggestion to a new forum area: User Wikipages. Where one usually writes the message topic, one writes his username. Then collecting what you have done, what are you planning, what areas interests you, editing the contents during time.

I was thinking to start wiki pages for blender users, but it seemed to me too complicated to create a new user account only for use by wikipages. Here we have a functional forum program allready, why not start to collect the user wiki here. The purpose would be everyone have his own pages.

The topic starter should have a free will to choose what he writes about himself, what messages he wants to be deleted, what kind of discussion he wants to go, and so on.

Some topics I’d like to hear of others:
–some renders
–future plans
–in which direction you would like to develop Blender
–some brainstorm type visions
–example scripts, meshes, link suggestions
–some knowledge collection
–other personal information

What do you think about the idea?