Suggestion: bug/fixes sticky

Hey everyone,
I see a lot of people starting threads about bugs which have been previously covered/reported or even fixed. Can’t blame anyone who does this, because anyone who posted a previous thread could have worded it differently or not understood exactly what was causing the bug (perfectly understand).
My suggestion to solve the abundance of bugs is to have a sticky thread that in itself syncs with the bug tracker, but in an easier-to-understand way. The bug tracker looks like gibberish to someone like me. If it were say in a table describing each bug (ones which actually exist – not those which have been previously covered or are not in fact bugs. This way prominent or very common bugs can be addressed and therefore less threads about bugs would be present.

A second thing which would be nice is to add another subforum to do with bugs. All threads in the support and discussion subforum that have a [BUG] prefix (which would have to be added) could automatically be sent to the big tracker and moved into the subforum.

Might be a hell of a lot of work, but it could end up saving a lot of time fixing bugs.
(might also be a terrible idea). Any thoughts?


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This game engine support discussion section, I would split into a support section for people needing help and a discussion section for general discussion about the BGE like features and development.

Yeah, the bug tracker is geared towards developers (programmers) so most endusers tend to report them in the forums.

This is a user forum. You can discuss if what you discovered is a bug and or verify if others have the same problem. But this is not the place to report bugs.

The purpose of the bug tracker is to report bugs. This is the place the developers will look at and this is the place they track the bugs. It is not that hard to understand. One issue = one report. Indeed the reports should be as clear as possible.

My concerns:

  • I do not think it will be better in a single thread.
  • I’m pretty sure, it will result in a chaotic thread, discussing multiple topics at the same time. A lot of users will use it to post and discuss their feature requests, vague ides and complains regarding the existing application.
  • Who should spend his time to “synch” the bug tracker?

If you want to prove your idea you are free to open such a thread.