Suggestion: Condense forum sections...

It seems we get a large amount of support questions in the general section and other areas that aren’t appropriate. One reason for this may be the fact we have way too many sections and that the actual support section is beneath everything so receives less traffic. And is it really necessary to have a specific area for each topic of support? I think it would be more beneficial if there was a general all-encompassing support section and it was moved near the top of the forum list. Something like this:

Blender/Blender News
General/Off topic

Finished Projects
Focused Critique
Works in progress
Blender tests


That might cause an issue, with that fact that not everyone that helps out in the support section knows ever aspect of Blender. I for one try to answer as many basic, modeling, lighting, and Comp questions I can. But, I do not know as much about animation or the Game engine. There are others here that are very good animators and good with the game engine and they focus their help in those forums. I think making people look at the list of forums and pick what topic they think it belongs in, is very little to ask for the service we all provide here. I do agree that it would be nice to move the support forums higher on the list, but my guess is that (other than the python forum) they are currently arranged by the amount of visits they receive. I understand that to a new user the support section is very important. However, to many long time users and all those visitor’s BA gets, the news and arts sections are more important. Just my 2 cents.