Suggestion: Custom Blend Texture

Currently Blender has a small selection of blend textures, but if one of those presets doesn’t suit your purposes you have to make a gradient by hand in your image editor of choice. Depending on the purpose of the texture, getting the right gradient could be a very time-consuming hit-and-miss process. What I propose is a custom blend texture maker. The controls would be virtually identical to that of ramp shaders, allowing for more than one gradient in the same texture. Interpolation choices would be linear, quadratic, cubic, and none. Whattaya think?

[Edit]The effects of interpolation choices should be visible in the ramp editor as well, not just in the preview like ramp shaders are now.

You have tried the ‘colorband’ option in the colors tab, no?

Yes, those are not mappable textures though. They’re merely effects that depend on lighting and/or camera angle, and can’t be set to effect anything like reflectiveness, alpha, nor, specularity… If they could we wouldn’t need blend textures at all.

It would be nice to have a gradient editor, but in the mean time:

  • Add a Blend texture
  • Add a colourband
  • Go to Materials > Map Input
  • Play around with ofs(XYZ) and size(XYZ)
  • Use the material nodes

rotation is one that is not easily achievable that way though?

An angle option in the Blend texture would be fantastic.

I’m not talking about ramps:

I had no idea!:eek: It appears we do have a gradient editor folks…

[Edit] Tries desperately to redeem thread An option for no interpolation would be nice though.

The blend texture is already good enough, I miss only one thing with texture mapping in general: the ability to rotate the textures by any angle. Scaling and moving of textures is alaready there.

Yup, I’ve needed this many times!

Put the points very close to each other, then you can have no interpolation really.

Messy, but you could use object space to map it, point it at an object and rotate that.

Yeah i agree… messy :stuck_out_tongue:

But so much more rewarding!

yep, I use empties to rotate textures… don’t see that really messy…
sometimes I use wood-texture to get couple of angles blend doesn’t give you :slight_smile:

but i’m sure broken could add angle in matter of seconds! two lines of code.