Suggestion for 2 Scripts

Hello, i have this suggestion can we have a similar to 3d max 2010/ Graphite modelling tools-> SetFlow and Flowconnect function.

What SetFlow does basicly you have an edge loop that you want to center perfectly between two edges (similar when you press Ctrl + R to add Edge loop and then press the middle mouse button it centers it)
We have edge slide now in blender that preserves the shape but what if we want to center the edge loop and preserve the shape…thats what Set Flow does.
I thought using LoopTools 2.5 adding a centered loop cut then using the LoopTools to give the edge curvature it works ok BUT not with complex shapes!

Flowconnect basicly adds a Loop cut plus it creates a curvature for the loop cut.
So far in blender we can press Ctrl+1 lets say 1 sub level get the curvature and delete all the edges we dont need… that works with simple meshes imagine the work we will have to clean up…