Suggestion for a Blender Talk & Workshop

hi im planing to do a presentation in the nearby university’s of where i live,mostly for the people who is study a career in architecture and graphic design, plus anybody who is interesed in the topic, my main objective is to first of all spread the word about FOSS,blender and general CG wich is a thing in a very early stage in my city there is no school or any related institution given this kind of things to the open people, i have to say that im not a blender pro user im still learning about it, i have a decent background (3 years) in CG and 3D in general,mostly in the technical part of all, im very goog explaining and theaching so, i have some ideas of how im going to do it and what to do, but i wanna know the opinion of the blender community in this, i wanna give a decent presentation and if im able give a workshop, the thinks i have in mind for the presentation its, first give a general talk about 3D & CG then a talk about blender in general history and all the thing, then a how blender can be used for, and how it can improve their work , but wich topics do you guys think would be nice to point out ofr the talk and for the workshop? i want it to be short and efficient…its my first time doing this, but that’s wouldn’t be a problem :eyebrowlift2: :yes: