Suggestion for a good BGE tutorial for a COMPLETE beginner?

I used the BGE a little bit quite some time ago, maybe version 2.3 or something. Anyway, I’d like to watch any tutorial(s) that would explain how to use it for a total beginner. I can’t even get the game to play right now. I have a logic editor and a 3D view, but pressing “P” doesn’t do anything, not even let the default cube fall due to gravity, so I don’t think the game even starts. Thanks for any help to find a good tutorial.

Make sure your engine is set to blender game in the top of your screen. Only then pressing P will work…

hilkojj - thank you, and I had already figured that out. But it would be nice if the people making the tutorials would mention that the FIRST thing you have to do is to be in the “Blender Game” instead of Blender or Cycles render! Some of us are trying to learn and we need to be told every little detail, especially when it makes such a big difference. I guess they just assume that we already know stuff, but being a beginner means being a beginner.

a “beginner that is a beginner” could/should read the Blender manual:


FYI I have read manuals that I have found, but some things are not explained in detail, and the video tutorials often cover things that are not in the manual. However the manual that you have linked to was not one I have ever found. Where would I find it if I start with the home page? I didn’t see it anywhere.


the manual can be found via: -> Support -> Online Manual

or from inside Blender via:
Help -> Manual

It is always hard to find a good beginner manual, because each beginner is different. My advice is to read what you can find and if you can’t figure out something, just ask in the forum. Most of the time you’ll find people happily answering the question with an example, possibly pointing out to some resource that explains how it worked in greater detail.
Don’t be shy, there’s no harm in asking.

Sanne and pgi, thank you.

This was a pretty good tutorial for me! Helped me a lot