Suggestion for a GPU

I am considering a GPU - For for car renders only.
Polycount(faces) approx 7,00,000.

I will not be rendering very complex scenes.

My Priority is - fast updates in viewport when tweaking and adjusting Materials -> adjusting Carpaint, adjusting Flakes, changing Noise values etc.
I don’t know if these tasks are handled by the CPU or GPU ?
(not talking about final Image render here, but tweaking materials in Viewport> Rendered View, using cycles).

WRT Final image render, the Blender BMW takes 5:13 minutes on my CPU.

My PC Specs.
AMD Ryzen 5 - 2600 (6core)
16gb Ram
W4100 - 2gb

The Gpus I am considering are GTX 1060 6gb or 1660ti.

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In less than a month we’ll know performance and prices of the new Ampere Nvidia gpus (RTX 3000 series). Prices of all gpu categories will probably re-adjust accordingly. Be patient and decide after a month or two.


Guys my gpu is gone bad. I need a new gpu.

Can’t afford anything more expensive than these- Quadro p2200 5gb, priced 472 usd.
Other 4gb cards (1050 or 1650) are approx 340 to 400 usd.

Main usage is blender and or some texture painting program like substance painter. In blender I expect quick viewport updates on my car models when I change colour, lights camera angles etc.

I am leaning towards quadro for reliability and less power draw.
Or should I skip 1650 and settle for 1050 and save money?

Please suggest.

I was using a 2gb card till now. maybe I can get a GT 710 2GB for the time being, and wait till prices of good cards reduce.

I recommend that you at least get GTX 1070, it is an older card but still performs well in Blender.

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Yap, I have GTX 1070 and Cycles, Octane work well. For some more money you can buy 1080ti which have 11Gb of VRAM, this 3Gb can make your life better.

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Thanks guys.
I need to finalise in 1 / 2 days And it has become really confusing.

My budget is very low and in my budget I have finalised these 3 - gtx 1050ti (4gb), 1060 3gb, quadro t1000 4gb, quadro t600 4 gb.

1050ti ofcourse saves my money.
1060 3gb seems to be a good and fast performer, has nice results in blender benchmarks too.

  1. If I go for 1050ti, which one of these will be good - Zotac , colourful , gigabyte ? Zotac is the cheapest, Colourful and Gigabyte slightly higher priced.

  2. In similar prices I get much newer T600 and T1000 with ddr6 ram.
    Tech sites are calling them mobile gpus. I doubt their performance under load.