Suggestion for a new Animation Contest

Blender seems to be steadily evolving into a great tool for character animation. But what about special effects? Especially particles.

It seems to me that so far Blender’s particle engine has so far gotten the least amount of attention. At least from what I can tell.

It also seems that most of the Animations made with Blender hardly feature any particle effects at all, and if they do, then usually they are quite basic.

Anyways, how about having a “just-for-fun” Animation contest for Blender which focuses only on Particles?

Nebulas, explosions, tornados, exhaust flames, fire, smoke, etc, etc… You get the idea.

The chosen winner should write a short tutorial on how they achieved their specific particle effect.

All of this should serve three purposes:

  1. Show what blender’s particles are capable of.
  2. Exchange of knowledge about Blender’s Particles.
  3. Identify the user’s needs and where Blender’s particles fall short of the user’s requirements and what could be possibly done to improve them (at least theoretically).

What do you guys think of this?

Awesome idea, ChojinDSL. I’m relatively new to Blender, though I’ve spent many hours playing with particles. It seems like you can tweak one little thing and get a whole new creation alltogether!

I’m not one for tutorials, but I would love to see the outcome of this!

Go Blender Go! :smiley:

To tell you the truth, I think that particles are one of the most over-rated parts of most 3d programs. Have you noticed that the most amazing effects in modern movies are not the explosions, as much as added in animated characters (LOTR), and bullettime type effects…

Thats just my oppinion though, so if everyone else wants a particle contest, then let it be so!

LocoCobra’s got a point that a lot of movie SFX look fantastic as they are the product of brilliant CGI, however, it’s the effects you don’t realise are CGI that are the real gold.

Explosions, water splashes, flocks and heards of animals and even sometimes grasses and hair all start life as particles. It’s not so much overrated as underestimated!

Take a look at Dysney’s “The Lion King”, the scene with the wildebeast stampeeding into the gorge. Fantastic example of your dedicated particles working for you!

I’d be glad to be in this one.

Here’s a small anim to whet the appitite:

Shockwave (About 4 Mb)

IIRC the wildebeest horde was handdrawn over the course of two years. But thsts beside the point.

Particles are, for me, the most “magic” part of Blender, (i.e. I don’t know how to do it, but certain wizards seem to be able to do cool things) so a particles contest/tutorial would be really neat.

Actually, the stampeeding wildebeest scene in the Lion King was made with CGI wildebeest which were toonshaded.

Thats beside the point. Particles are used often enough, but the point of all this is to educate. A sort of “lets see what we can accomplish with the given tools” if you will.

Actually, the stampeeding wildebeest scene in the Lion King was made with CGI wildebeest which were toonshaded. [/quote]

I just checked the credits and Gregory Griffith and Linda Bel are credited with the computer animation of the Wildebeest.

Hey what’da think of the shockwave anim? Anyone want a tutorial?

The shockwave dissipated a little too quickly, but the roof tops splintering was really cool…

If you wanted to revise it at all, i would make the grass, roads, and houses have a little more deffinition.