Suggestion for improvements?

Any suggestion for improvements?
eevee + blender sculpt
My goal is to make semi realistic look and feel.

had a cycles version in my sketchbook but that render took me 1h 50m while this one took ~25 sec

Edit: updated: see last post ↓↓↓


I think this is really good! But i noticed that around the eyes it is a bit wet. If you are going for like a crying feeling it is good but it just looks too wet around the eyes to me.

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well I was going for “being fresh” but not crying. My friend also told me she looked like crying but I don’t know… maybe I need to refresh my eyes of the monitor and revisit it later again to notice it.
Ty for your suggestion.

I think the nose should be redder, especially the “folds”, maybe make the pores a little larger there as well and on the cheeks. The nose and cheeks also feel a bit too matte, especially when compared to the area between the nose and upper lip.

The eyelashes feel a bit weird, but god knows how much of a pain making eyelashes in Blender can be (I have suffered countless times). I’ve heard some people making the root of the hair transparent to make it look like it’s going into the skin. I’m not sure how you groomed them (I think last time I did I used the HairNet addon, which is free), the upper part looks good, just the lower part that looks a little too clumpy and spaced out. Some vellum would help as well.

Finally, I’d also add some thinner and shorter hair close to the “corners” of the hair, so the break isn’t as harsh.

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I like the pose. She has lotsa personality. only critiques that haven’t been mentioned are, the skin is slightly off. it mainly looks odd below the nose. I think if it was adjusted to look good there, it would improve the overall look.
The lips look like wax

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I didn’t had much time to edit hair or mesh (a lot happened on workplace + apex legends happened!!) but I edited some maps and some shader adjustments:

adjusted eyes, skin gloss, skin sss (fixed buy hand paint -before it was generated and baked-) and added AO on top of render.

Ty for the suggestions. I will use all the suggestions on my next model. Cause I think spending more time on this model is a waste of time. The addon looks awesome.

Also I might do the next texture painting on armor painter. Blender painter is good but doing maps one by one is too much.
As for modeling I will make a new better base mesh.

The skin shader is almost perfect. Maybe giving her this little tiny almost invisible hair, that everyone has all over the face, would make the skin even more realistic. Eyes would benefit on adding a tad of veins near the corners. Lips are a bit too glossy and tense (or just too glossy that gives the impression of tens). Brows needs some hair. Bottom Eye lashes are bit too clamped and the bottom eyelid should be a tiny bit thicker or the tear-line more pronounced.
That’s a nit picking though. You can try that if you have too much time on your hands, cause it looks pretty neat as is anyway.

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I agree with zawilec -
lips too glossy
eyelid need thickened so you can see the flat edge of the lid (a bit of pink color to the edge.)
you can try adding “face peach fuzz” for a test
eyes are missing a bit of yellow where the red mass of capillaries nest. Its fat
eyes need the blood vessels to expand their network more out from the inner corner of the left eye

her hair is great. the eye cornea and outer scelera is great
skin color is great. And skin texture is really good

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: ) generally things are just to hard.

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thank you all for suggestions! :+1:
Also thank you chris for the draw over! :ok_hand:

using these tips on my current works.