Suggestion for more stringent standards for gallery thumbs (no nudity ect...)

I ask this because in some days, one or more of the gallery forums are almost impossible to view without getting offended due to people’s tendencies to show the nude parts of their project loud and proud in their gallery thumbnails.

It used to be that those wanting to avoid nudity can simply look at the warning in the title and skip over it, and now you simply can’t do that, so I advise you either decide that the nude part of a project not be shown in the gallery thumbnail or set up an age wall that will prevent every member under 18 from using that section.

The truth is not everyone wants to end up seeing that stuff just because they’re looking for product visualizations, landscapes, or someone’s learning project, so I think there needs to be at least some nominal standards for what can be in the thumbnail that shows on the list of threads. (this doesn’t mean people can no longer post nude models, only that people will have to enter the thread to see it).

I thought dragons had thicker skins.

I just took a look through the gallery, focused critique, wip, finished projects and sketchbook first pages, and found only one instance of anything that might be considered slightly purient: ikkiz’s Jill Janus of Huntress thread. Now, ikkiz only joined us a month ago, so he may not be aware of your particular phobias and desires to be shielded from what many of us consider normal and beautiful. Why don’t you send him a private message and ask him politely to reconsider his choice of first attachment instread of trying to make it an issue for the whole community?

I did see, btw, an example of a thread with a nudity warning where the thumbnail only showed the model from the neck up, so apparently your desired standards are being upheld even without moderator intervention. Just sayin.

Again, I’m not saying that the forum ban nudity in images altogether, I’m just suggesting a basic standard that those making nude models produce a thumbnail for the thread that doesn’t include it (it’d be the same with images that contain profanity and large amounts of gore). On that, I wouldn’t really consider it ‘shielding’ because you can still enter the thread and see the full image (do note that this forum used to not have the thumbnail capability at all).

If people are already doing it, good for them, but not everyone is doing it at the moment so that’s where the basic standards come in.

People may want to avoid nudity for reasons other than personal feelings. Public or work computers come to mind.

This is worth bringing up with the moderation team, but I wouldn’t place any bets on a policy change. Of course, if theres’ a thread (or a thumbnail) that any member of the site finds offensive or inappropriate, you’re more than welcome to report the post and the moderation team will review it.

Yes, I understand that, which is why I don’t visit BlenderArtists from a work computer. Still, this is an Artists forum, so caveat viewor. We cater to artists world-wide, so I think it is absurd that we should try to accomodate American blue-nose prudes.

We are also talking thumbnails here, one small image sandwiched between a dozen others. Try it yourself: actually go looking for nude thumbnails. They are pretty hard to find.

I´m not sure how you feel offended by a thumbnail showing the intimate parts of humans. Just take a look at your own body, you will find that stuff on yourself, that´s the shocking truth. (Sarcasm)

Joke aside, I really don´t get why you feel offended by that. I don´t think it´s anything offensive or something that needs to be “hidden”.

In any event, I haven´t seen any yet, but there are many artistic websites that have nudes in their galleries and I don´t find them offensive.

I understand you might want to visit the support section, but why would you be browsing the artwork forums at work in the first place? Don’t you have work to do?

struggling to find this nuddy picture in the gallery thumbnails…

care to post a link so we can all know what you’re talking about

Check out focused critique, Small Troll. It’s probably on page six by now, unless it gets bumped.

Several in Finished Projects in recent weeks. Just playing devil’s advocate here. Much as I can see the point of view of someone who would want such a restriction, ultimately I think it’s rather silly. Thumbnails are awfully small. I’d find it hard to get offended by two pixels even if boobs did offend me for some reason.

Censorship on an artistic site is a slippery slope…

If we’re going this way, I also want all weapons to be banned from the thumbnails… and clowns. (They freak me out.) It should be easier to agree on what a weapon is than on what side of the arbitrary and very variable line in between modesty and porn a few pixels are.

I don’t understand, even I refuse to understand people who prefer to see liters of blood gushing out of their screen than a few square centimeters of bare skin.

Seriously, if you don’t want your boss to catch you watching “questionable images” on the web, just do your job and wait to be home to surf the web… Or find a new less narrow-minded boss. :wink:

having triedto find any thumbnails of nude people i have come to the conclusion that this thread is completely redundant. there isn’t a single image of nude flesh anywhere. certainly there are some fleshy parts showing, but if you consider that to be nudity then, well. theres nothing more to say without sounding offensive.

There are rules on what is not appropriate content

@Richard: I read the rules and I didn’t find any form or censorship… only a clear line in between nudity and pornography. At worst, I’d call them rules of good taste. :wink:

there are a lot of things this world needs less of. Boobies are not one of them. =)