Suggestion for the design of a node-based multimedia editor substitute for Adobe CC

I am a student working in a group for the final project of our curriculum. We want to make an app that has the functionalities of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Animate and more if possible, all packed into one app that runs smoothly on our school’s Linux workstation - to put it simply Blender of 2d stuff. The important thing is that it must be different from those softwares, not just another Adobe copycat.

After doing some research online, I found that a great number of people want to something like a Blender or Substance for 2d graphics stuff, so it will be very powerful. I have looked into new projects like gimel studio, bloom editor, graphite, compositors like natron, nuke, etc., but I still can’t quite figure out how the nodes would work as 2d necessitates the use of layers to control the visibility of multiple elements. I think it will be a node-layer hybrid architecture, but again, I haven’t worked it out yet, especially a system that doesn’t confuse users when they switch to different workspaces (Illustrate, photo, video edit) like in Blender. I would love to have some suggestions on the design of the system.

TLDR: I would love to hear some suggestions for the architecture of a node-based Adobe alternative, it can be node-layer hybrid but has to be consistent across different tasks like photo editing and VFX. Any mockups or rough sketches would be even greater to help me envision the project. Thanks!

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that’s a huge task! :slight_smile: a bit unrealistic…

but i do like the basic idea… since i started using 3d-software (in university with houdini and maya 20 years ago) i always felt that all other software is very clunky in comparison. everything was so streamlined, selecting stuff worked extremely well, the nodes were very versatile, pie menus, navigation was possible while using tools,… i curse a lot when using adobe tools and especially 2d vector graphics editors. :slight_smile:

nodes could be used as layers too? layers are a tree, nodes are a (directed acyclic?) graph (which can be a tree too)?