Suggestion for the forums (new board).

I couldn’t find anywhere to suggest this, so I’ll do it here.

Something’s wrong with the WIP/Team project boards.

Many game projects there don’t get completed or are visibly made by the unskilled and are unlikely to be completed, and this attracts negative opinions because they’re in a board where at least some quality and content are expected from the get-go.

My opinion is those threads, which frequently have names like ‘project name- help/team wanted’, are better read as ‘making something- want to learn with me?’. They are (usually) completely valid threads at heart, but there isn’t an appropriate board to hold them. People don’t want to do stuff alone and having a game project is a wonderful boost for enthusiasm/self esteem. Unfortunately, there’s no place to create these ‘newbie’ projects where they’ll be appreciated, and until they learn the ins and outs, they’re doomed to bad publicity.

So, perhaps we need a place to make mistakes in. I’d advise creating a new board oriented towards simpler game propositions, where people can create these usually short-lived threads then move them to the WIP board if they actually get interest and development. It wouldn’t solve the problem completely but it might be a step towards better compartmentalisation.

The WIP/Team projects boards seem to encourage the creation of full-on ‘project’ threads, without catering for newbie attempts. Who knows- if a board is made for them, the names might become ‘game idea- anyone interested?’, which is much less… irksome. Also, instead of having to criticize those who make threads likely to die quickly, one can simply advise them to take it to the ‘propositions’ board.


I agree.

Beginning projects will teach you a lot and is vital to learning the BGE and team management, however sometimes I will pass up looking through the BGE WIP/team forums because there are so many threads for beginning projects and its hard to sort through to the threads that I am looking for.

Just my 2 cents.

Bump. (I want this heard)

If there’s somewhere else for forum suggestions that I didn’t see, please say so.

Yeah, BUMP

This is the right place to start such discussions.

That is the reason why they are not in the Finished Game Forum.

What is your motivation to read threads in these forums (and what do you expect there)?

  • getting ideas?
  • offering help?
  • getting help?
  • seeing what others are doing?
  • comparing with your work/skills?
  • just for fun?

That is very subjective. Users would get irritatated where to post. And who should review those threads? How to distinguish?
Dead threads move away when not kept updated. People working on projects should know their threads and should not need to have the thread at a top position. And it is on them to keep the threads updated.

In fact it is completely valid to post projects that never gets completed. These forums are for the (potential) mistakes. If you want to help to bring a project to success you have to judge by yourself, which you choose.

  • The forum for the success == Finished Games (these projects do not need you anymore).
  • The forum for the fail == WIP + Team Projects (maybe someone is working on it :evilgrin:, maybe not, you might want to help)
    Even good looking projects created by experienced users fail.