Suggestion for this character's eyes

I have an egg shaped character… and, I am having problems setting the eyes on the face portion of the character.

It seems this unusual shape when viewed from various seems to be problematic with how the eyes look (specially from the side view).

It’s difficult to describe… so, I attached files with various views of the basic eye set up. In most of my attempts, the eye either look like eye glasses or the eye ball protrudes at the top and not near the bottom of the eye socket. In either case, it is not an easy shape to deal with when it comes to the eyes. The side view of the egg shaped face best shows the issues with the eye and eye socket combo problems.

This eye set up in combination with an egg shape seems to be a bit of a problem… any suggestions would be appreciated?



Ooh, I remember trying to do something like this. Unfortunantly, I’m not sure I ever figured out how. In your situation, I would just modify the character and give him eyeglasses, and those would look a little more natureal (see what I did there?) balancing on his… shell, with the eyes pushed furher into the other mesh behind him. Plus, I think he’d look better with big glasses, anyways :smiley:

I don’t know if you want to model the eyes into the shape or just want attachements. If you are looking for some kinda potatoe man eyes then I’d suggest trying something simple like the attached image. Very simple and could be a bit more elegant than what you are trying. Just use a uv sphere (or even a cube with subdiv), flatten it a bit and duplicate the top half for the eyelid. Mine is a bit droopy but see what you can come up with. You can even put in a bottom lid.

Put on the reading glasses in any case. The eyes will just give some depth.