Suggestion if animating this dragon with Array or Armature?

I am trying to model and animate anobject with separate meshes but before I carry on I like to ask youguys for advice before I do it back to front and the wrong way.
Also my English is not so great andtherefore have problems to explain exactly what I am after but I giveit a go:

I was hoping that I can build andanimate those separate sections of the dragons body using the ArrayModifier combined with a Lattice Modifier but I cant find anytutorials where something similar has been done and I am confrontingsome strange phenomena’s using those two modifiers in combination.
For example I like to have the neck ofthe dragon narrow going wider to the middle of his body and thennarrowing it to the point at his tail which I was hoping to achievewith the Lattice modifier but unfortunately my sections had somestrange and ugly stretches.
If I scale the mesh or my empty from myArray modifier I can not get the thicker part of the middle part ofthe dragon.

Has anyone got any suggestions, inother words how would you go about to have this dragon model withseparate sections? Would you rather use a armature rig for his mainbody?

Thank you for your help


From the image you are showing, the body of the dragon looks like a set of balls, Simply duplicate the ball as many times as you like then scale up the section of the balls that need to be bigger, like the mid body of the dragon. Once you are happy, learn how to add an armature. You can find many videos on YouTube on how to do this.

You do not need the array modifier for this.

Depending on how complicated your dragon is, you could be in for a very complicated rig.
If your dragons body is like a snake then you can use this video here to rig.