Suggestion: Introductions

Just signed up, but couldn’t find a suitable place for introductions.

Perhaps an “Introductions” forum would be useful for new blenderartists members here? People can introduce themselves and get familiar with the community and such before moving on to the various forums.

'Hi’s and ques. Like “where to start my cg journey?” can be posted under off-topic chat. :slight_smile: Just make sure your thread doesent look like a spam. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

True, thought about that but didn’t figure it was entirely off-topic since that forum caption says “Discuss things NOT related to Blender or Computer Graphics”.

I’m very much keen on Blender and Computer Graphics :wink:


Introducing yourself as a blender artist doesent make your thread related to blender. Somewhat similar thing with ‘where to start?’ stuff. I feel thats more close to ‘planning’ than discussing about cg. Anyways since you are new, welcome and enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Sure and thanks for the welcome. I’m typing up an introduction there soon. Just didn’t want to get any infractions on my first day, guess I was being overly cautious :smiley:

Lemme get busy…

In that case trick is to look at the title of sections and think where your thread fits the best. Then after you create a thread in chosen section you may click the small triangle below your post which says ‘report post’ and ask the mods to move the thread if you havent placed it correctly. :slight_smile: But im sure in 75% cases you would have placed that correctly. :wink: