Suggestion: Make blender 2.8 remember search and file sort settings

Ive got tons of projects and even though they are in different folders its still a pain when I need to search for files with the same name. For example when I search for “House X”, I think blender should keep what Ive type on the search bar for the next time I try to open another session or object. Instead I need to go type it again, theres not even a search history or anything. When I’m working with similar named files and need to constantly link stuff from other projects, I have to type on the search box everytime.

About sorting, on 2.79 I have a addon to keep things sorted how I want by default every time I open the menu (like sort for date so i dont need to do it manually). Since most addons dont work with 2.8 I cant use this anymore, and I have to do it manually everytime because blender keeps reseting them to the default state.

So my suggestion is to have an option to either keep the previous searches on the box or a setting to overwrite the default sorting without the need of addons when on the open menu.


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Are they gonna add it? Or I need to wait for the conversion of old addons to work with 2.8? Because that might not happen to 3rd party ones