Suggestion of uvmapping tool

I think a tool for label with text uvmaps and show visually how uvmap islands are projected over the 3d model will be very useful in 2d texture painting.

I suposse something like this, I tried to do a recreation of what I’m thinking about:

The idea is when you export the mesh template a little thumbnail will appear in the exported image (or in a separate image). The thumbnail could be a guide to show the position of diferents islands of uvmap over the 3d model (like a snapshot), for make easier the job of texture in a 2d program as gimp, photoshop, mypaint, krita… A color correspondence will be good for recognize the differents uvmap islands… And a tool for label de uvmap with text will be great.

I don’t know if that is very difficult or that tool exist, but every time I make uvmaps for texturing I wish to have something similar… :slight_smile: